Location and Contact
Representatives and Distributors
  • Boxflex Brazil

    Boxflex Brazil produce and develop products with 100% of brazilian tecnology. We are waiting for your contact.

  • Boxflex Mexico

    We have a unit distribution in Leon city in Guanajuato in Mexico. We are waiting for your contact.

Get to know our products

Boxflex's products meets the various requirements of the components market for the footwear industry. The counters, insoles and toe-puff are produced with totally Brazilian technology aiming the increase of the durability, providing comfort and safety, among other qualities to your footwear.

Sustentability cycle

Boxflex has as one of its main strategic objetives, the total elimination of waste. Those generated in our manufacturing processes and even the usage processes of the customers in Toe-puff and Counter line: ECOFORMA, ECOGREEN, COURASTAN, COURASOFT.